The Foundation for the Contemporary Family
is dedicated to
supporting clinical training, research and treatment which develop innovative approaches to the problems of contemporary families.
Our mission is to:
    (1) Foster the advancement of the field of couples and family therapy;
    (2) Provide cutting edge training to mental health professionals; and
    (3) Promote community education on issues relevant to the needs of
         contemporary families.

Some examples of how the Foundation has been busy fulfilling its mission over the last few years:

• Developing the successful Anatomy of Intimacy conferences

Supporting intensive training in couples and family therapy for the professional community through the UCI Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Becoming an approved Continuing Education Provider for the American Psychological Association and the Board of Behavioral Sciences

Offering scholarships to mental health professionals to attend specialized trainings in couples and family therapy

Providing grant funding for innovative programs and research projects on marriage, divorce, remarriage and blending families

Assisting the development of creative parent education programs in local school districts

Supporting the My Hero website, an internationally award-winning interactive website for parents, teachers and children

Current Program Co-Sponsored by FFCF:

Anatomy of Intimacy

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Recent Program:

Past Events for Anatomy of Intimacy
For more information, please visit www.anatomyofintimacy.com